Bujutsu has some of Sydney’s top instructors!

Fantastic facility with an exceptional team of instructors. Not only do you receive great coaching but you feel like you are a part of a community. Mark runs a very well organised and structured Martial Arts and Fitness Centre and you know you are in good hands under his direction
– Robyn Parras

Sensei Mark Szalajko

   Director/Chief Instructor

Sensei Jessica Graydon

Senior Instructor

Karate, Kobudo and Muay Thai

Sensei Zac Carl

Karate, Kobudo and Muay Thai Instructor

Coach Shanell Dargan

Director of Boxing

Professor George Adams

Director of BJJ

Sensei Aden Steinke

Director of Jodo

Sensei Robert Brown

Director of Iaido

Kru Andrew Graydon

Kids Karate, Kids Muay Thai and Kids BJJ Instructor

Kru Sandra Stendardo

Director of Ladies Only Self Defence

Sensei Sarah Brown

Director of Picton

Sensei Paul Briggs

Karate Instructor

Sensei Edwin Tse

Karate Instructor

Sensei Owen Brooks

Director of Townsville

Sensei Jett Tasdemir

Kids Karate and Kids Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor

Kru Steven Glyntzos

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor

Kru Chris Goodman

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor

Sensei Llewena Carrero

Karate and Kobudo Instructor

Coach Matt Phythian

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Coach Angus Charlton

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor