Self Defence

General Information

A typical day at Bujutsu

How to Tie Hand Wraps

How to Tie a Karate Belt

Is it okay to defend myself?

Tips for parents with young kids

Walk through of Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Breaking 7 bricks

Firearm Defences

Bujutsu 5 Principles of Firearm Self Defence

Bujutsu Firearm Self Defence 1

Bujutsu Firearm Self Defence 2

Bujutsu Firearm Self Defence Gangster Style

Knife Defences

Bujutsu Knife to Back

Bujutsu Knife to Stomach – Sewing Machine Attack

General Self Defence

Bujutsu Duct Tape Escape

Bujutsu Hair Pull Defence

Bujutsu Self Defence Check Drill

Bujutsu Defence Against Baseball Attack

Bujutsu Bear Hug Escape

Bujutsu Shirt grab into arm bar

Bujutsu Head lock escape from ground

Bujutsu Head lock escape

Bujutsu Wrist lock to hammer lock

Bujutsu Reverse wrist lock drill

Bujutsu Vulnerable areas

Bujutsu Arnis striking drill

Bujutsu defence against a rear naked choke

Bujutsu defence against a shirt grab or push

Bujutsu defence with an improvised weapon – pen

Bujutsu defence against front kick 1

Bujutsu defence against front kick 2

Bujutsu defence against front kick 3

Exercise Routines

Bujutsu Plyometric Medicine Ball

Bujutsu Medicine Ball Core Workout

Bujutsu Medicine Ball and Slam Ball whole body workout

Bujutsu Dumb bell whole body workout

Bujutsu Swiss Ball Core workout

Bujutsu Planking workout