Kru Sandra Stendardo

Kids Muay Thai/Ladies Only Kick Boxing and Self Defence

Kru Sandra teaches our Saturday morning kids Muay Thai classes, where kids learn how to strike and importantly they learn self defence skills.

Kru Sandra also heads our Ladies only Kick Boxing and Self Defence classes.

She is also an experienced Taekwondo teacher who has taught Taekwondo kids classes, as well as Taekwondo adults classes.

Sandra’s classes are educational, fun and safe. Sandra is also available for private lessons.

Sandra holds a Certificate III in Fitness, she is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

In 2015, Kru Sandra won the Bujutsu Muay Thai student of the year.

Sandra has an extensive martial arts background and has been involved in several tournaments where she has competed in both points sparring and contact sparring.

Sandra also enjoys BJJ and Judo.