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Christmas Party/Presentation 2016 Briefing Note

This years Christmas Party and Presentation Day will be held at the, Mount Annan Australian Botanic Gardens at the Lakeside Pavillion It’s going to be a fantastic day! Sunday 11th December 2016 10am to 1pm This years party will be a B.Y.O picnic. There will be limited under cover seating available and 3 BBQ’s for […]

The Kata

INDIVIDUAL FORMS PRACTICE – THE KATA   The majority of martial arts teach students to move in ways which, at first, appear difficult and unnatural. As they observe the movement of a skilled practitioner they are impressed with the grace, power and flow of each technique. These often basic movements, when combined in sequential forms, […]

New Check In Procedures

Bujutsu is currently in the process of implementing new sign in software. As you can image, with 720 students, this is an enormous job. The new software is easier to use, more reliable and has significantly more functionality on the back end, which will make the managing such a large number of members a lot […]

Halloween Party!

Each year Bujutsu runs a Halloween Party. Previous Halloween Parties have been very well attended and the standard of costumes has been amazing. This years Halloween Party will be on Monday the 31st of October 2016. This is a free event and prizes will be given to best dressed in each class.   Simply turn […]

What does the term Bujutsu mean?

Many people have asked me over the years, what is Bujutsu? What is that? Is that a Japanese thing? Is it Jiu Jitsu? Is it Karate?   The meaning of term Bujutsu is not known or understood by the majority of martial arts practitioners. Even by many experienced martial artists. Most would not be able […]

Tournaments and Kata Training

It’s time for our annual Karate and Weapons Kata Tournaments. In the lead up to these tournaments please note the following additional training days.   Additional Karate Kata Training Days These are to be held during the school holiday periods Wednesday 13th July 2016 – 10am to 12pm Wednesday 5th October 2016 – 10am to […]

May Fitness Challenge – Beep Test

For the month of May during our Wednesday night and Saturday morning Boot Camp classes, we will be running our Beep Test Challenge. This is a fantastic way to develop aerobic fitness and mental toughness! So are you ready to beat the BEEP? A trophy will be awarded to the winner of each division; under […]

Unsupervised Play Area

We are pleased to announce that our Unsupervised Play Area is now available for use. Parents have direct line of site of the Unsupervised Play Area, from the gym and training floors. You are welcome to pop your kids in this area whilst you train. The fenced area has a high gate lock. The area […]

Bujutsu Super Centre Opens Monday 18th April 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Bujutsu Super Centre opens on Monday the 18th of April 2016. This means that all classes from Monday the 18th April 2016 will be held at our new centre. Saturday the 16th April 2016 will be the last day at our current location. The Super Centre is located […]