24 reasons why your child should train Martial Arts

Children are our most prescious assets and every parent wants to get their child off to a good start in life.

There are many reasons why your child should train a martial art, such as Karate, Muay Thai Kick Boxing or BJJ. Here are just 24 of them.

1.  They will learn self defence



2.  They become more active


3.  They will become more self confident


4.  They will learn to focus


5.  They will learn stillness


6.  They learn that not everything comes easy


7.  They will learn teamwork skills


8.  They will learn conflict resolution skills


9.  Socialisation skills


10.  Decision Making


11.  They learn goal setting and individual achievement

jess world titles

12.  They will learn balance and co-ordination


13.  They will develop their muscle strength and cardio fitness


14.  They will learn what discipline is


15.  They will gain self confidence and self respect


16.  They will learn to connect their mind with their body


17.  They will learn to breathe


18.  They will learn gender equality


19.  They will learn manners


20.  It can assist with weight loss


21.  You can do it with them


22.  They will learn respect

Mark and Jess competing 050716 ISKA Canberra

23.  They will make life long friendships


24.  They will improve their listening skills



All of these skills will assist them throughout the rest of their lives. Whether we be talking about their school aged years, or when they are adults and commence employment and a family.


If you are wondering if martial arts is for your child, call into one of our centre’s and try a no obligations, no hassle FREE LESSON.



Kancho Mark Szalajko