Sensei Mark training in Thailand 2019

In December 2019 Sensei Mark returned to Thailand to brush up his Muay Thai skills and ensure he is up to date with the latest trends in the Muay Thai World.


This was Sensei Mark’s fourth trip to Thailand. In Thailand he stayed in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The trip consisted of sight seeing and visiting temples as well as Muay Thai training.

Sensei Mark has been training in Thailand under Jovan “The Stinger” Stojanovski who has lived in Thailand for around 20 years and is the head of Sri Wai Muay Thai organisation. Sri Wai has branches in several countries around the world. Sensei Mark is the head of Sri Wai Muay Thai in Australia.


When in Thailand, Sensei Mark always visits Lumpinee Boxing Stadium which is where the best Muay Thai fighters in the World fight.