FREE Ladies Only Self Defence Seminar


FREE – Ladies Only Self Defence Seminar


Would you be able to defend yourself or a loved one?


Saturday the 27th of June 2020

12pm to 1.30pm


Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Smeaton Grange H.Q.  21 Waler Street Smeaton Grange NSW 2567


RSVP by close of business: Monday 22nd June 2020

By email to Sensei Mark



Suitable for 10 years and above


This seminar will provide you with numerous personal safety tips and strategies.What to do if someone is following you whilst you are alone and driving your car.

The seminar will also provide you with simple bu effective self defence techniques. For example, what to do if someone has their hands around your throat and is strangling you.

An overview of legislation relating to self defence will also be provided.

Sensei Mark


Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre has an established a ladies only Self Defence Program. The program was developed by Sensei Mark and is taught by Kru Sandra every Thursday night.

This Seminar will expand on that program and give you a good insight into our program and how you can easily learn to protect yourself.

Sensei Mark was a member of the NSW Police Force for 23 years, and held the rank of Detective Superintendent, and performed the role of Local Area Commander. As a police officer, he investigated many forms of bullying and assaults, from cyber bullying, to minor physical assaults, to sexual assaults of children and adults, as well as homicides. He was also trained as a close personal protection officer and protected international dignitaries that were visiting New South Wales. He has worked closely on missions with the Secret Service and FBI.

Sensei Mark started training martial arts in 1987. He has helped thousands of people learn how to protect themselves.

A few years back he was awarded the martial arts title of Renshi Mark Szalajko. However, he prefers to simply use the title Sensei. The term Renshi means expert instructor. A comprehensive list of his qualifications and background can be found at: