FITT Principle for Flexibility/Stretching

Flexibility is the key.

Bujutsu is kicking off stretch classes for the very first time.

Our stretch classes will be led by Leah Meleng who as well as being a personal trainer is an experienced dancer, with over a decade of dance and stretch experience.

Our stretch classes are iedal for:

  • increasing flexibility
  • injury rehab
  • injury prevention
  • pain relief


Leah teaches the FITT Principle for Flexibility/Stretching.

The FITT principle is a great way to keep track of your exercise program. This principle can be applied to any manner of exercise. In this example, stretching/flexibility.


F- Frequency (How often to do)

– 2-3 times a week, daily is best.

I- Intensity (How hard you’re exercising/working)

– Stretch to the point of feeling tightness or to the point of slight discomfort but not pain.

T- Time (How long you exercise/work for)

– Hold a static stretch for 10-30 seconds, for most adults. You want to perform a total of 60 seconds stretching time for each flexibility exercise.

– Hold a static stretch for 30-60 seconds may be more suitable for older individuals.

T- Type (The style/variety of exercise)

– Best to incorporate a variety of flexibility exercises for each of the major muscle groups.

– Static flexibility (active or passive)

– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching

– Dynamic flexibility

– Ballistic flexibility

– It is recommended to warm up the muscle through light to moderate intensity aerobic activity before commencing stretching.


Check out our timetable and jump in and try one of our stretch classes.