Cage Fitness

What is Cage Fitness?

Cage fitness is a complete fitness system that is based on the structure of a championship mixed martial arts bout. What this means is that Cage Fitness will give you a total body workout over 5 – 5 minute rounds. The key elements that Cage Fitness focuses on are endurance, strength, power, and core.

This is accomplished through our 5 round fitness system. The rounds are broken up into the following categories: Warm Up, Upper Body, Lower Body, Combo Round, Cool Down/Core.

Great for all fitness levels

The best part about Cage Fitness is that it is designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. An individual can customize their workout by adjusting their intensity level to best suit their personal Mixed Martial Arts fitness goals. Each 5 minute round incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that will help maximize not only burning fat but also gaining muscle. This system of training allows the participant to burn more calories while increasing ones metabolism.

Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre runs Cage Fitness classes each week. Classes are ideal for those with a busy lifestyle as each class only takes 30 minutes to complete.

All you need is gym clothing and a water bottle. MMA gloves are compulsory and can be borrowed for your first free lesson from reception.