Bujutsu affiliates with Japanese Karate Association JKA

Well it’s official!

I have now affiliated with the Japanese Karate Association through the JKA/WF Australia. Thank you Jason Naylor Sensei for welcoming me. I look forward to a very long relationship.

I first started karate in 1988 in my high school hall, back then my school was affiliated with JKA. I left that school when I had to move to Goulburn to join the NSW Police Force.

For those that don’t know, JKA is the LARGEST and OLDEST karate association in the WORLD! They set and maintain the standard of real Shotokan Karate.

This means that in the very near future, as well as offering our Bujutsu Shotokan grades, we will also be able to offer JKA grades.

JKA grades are internationally recognised grades. Nobody can question them. They are accepted right around the world.

For those who want to know more about JKA please refer to their website.


I pride my organisation Bujutsu on providing our members with the best there is to offer in the martial arts world. As far as traditional Shotokan Karate goes, JKA is widely accepted right around the world as the leading body.

Remember, martial arts is not something we dabble in. For the real martial artist, it is a way of life.

See you on the mats.


Kancho Mark Szalajko