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April 2019 Tokyo and Okinawa Bujutsu Tour

JKA and Ryu Kon Kai Training Tour From the 19th of April 2019 until the 27th of April 2019, I led a tour of Tokyo, Japan and Naha, Okinawa. The tour party consisted of Jessica Graydon, Zac Carl, Glen Carl, Amanda Morgan and Ray Morgan. This tour was my 10th training trip to Japan. We began […]

2019 Bujutsu Annual Presentation Day

This years Annual Presentation Day will be held at our dojo. Unfortunately, Mount Annan Australian Botanic Gardens have informed us that our presentation days have grown too big for them to be able to accomodate. The only affordable option for families is to hold the Presentation Day at our dojo.     Don’t miss out […]

The 20 Precepts of Karate according to Gichin Funakoshi

  Niju kun or the twenty precepts of karate where formulated by the father of modern karate Gichin Funakoshi before he and his students founded the Nihon Karate Koyokai, or Japanese Karate Association in May of 1949.   Over the years there have been many attempts to translate the twenty precepts of karate into English, […]

Bushido – Way of the Warrior

Bushido is a word that is widely used in the martial arts world. However, it is also a word that is not really understood by most. I have provided a very basic summary of the word Bushido. Bushido was the code of honour followed by samurai warriors throughout Japan. It is believed that the Bushido code […]


正坐 Seiza Foreword It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to write about the significance of the seiza position in Karate-do. I have given my utmost effort and scrutiny of every word in the hope of transmitting the art as accurately as I could base on my limited knowledge. I hope this can […]

Bujutsu Anti Bully Seminar – Bully Proof Your Children for FREE

  Seminar Details: Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre is providing a FREE Anti Bullying Seminar.   We provide this seminar once a year, we always get a really good turn out and we always get really good feed back.   Date: Saturday 15th of September 2018 Time: 12.15pm to 1.45pm Suitable for children 6 […]

2018 Annual Presentation Day – Book your spot now!

Don’t miss out on this event. Book your spot now!!!!!!! 2018 Bujutsu Annual Presentation Day This years Annual Presentation Day will be held at the, Mount Annan Australian Botanic Gardens at the Lakeside Pavillion. Sunday 9th December 2018 10am to 1pm We received so much positive feedback on last years presentation that we are going […]

Additional Kids Martial Arts Classes

Bujutsu has just added even more kids martial arts classes to our program. We are the largest martial arts school in the Macarthur Region and we offer the best packages to get you started. With Bujutsu you can try a free lesson and receive a free uniform.   We currently run a massive 59 classes […]