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The Parts of a Katana

    The Parts of the Katana     Bujutsu provides training in the sword style know as Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Iaido (ZNKR).   ZNKR is a legitimate style that is internationally recognised. Classes are available on a Friday night and Sunday morning. Learning the parts of a katana can be some what daunting, […]


Tekko, also known as knuckle dusters in western society and are a traditional Okinawan weapon. Traditionally, tekko are made of iron or timber and originate from horse shoes. The use of tekko originated when weapons were banned in Okinawa. Some Okinawans used horse shoes as weapons to defend themselves against attack.   Tekko increase hand […]

Sai terminology

The Sai is a traditional Okinawan weapon.   It is one of the main weapons we train with in our RyuKonKai Karate and Kobudo style.   This diagram show you the Japanese names for the various parts on a sai.      

Bujutsu Blood Bank Challenge

Bujutsu Blood Bank Challenge   Bujutsu’s latest community support initiative is the Bujutsu Blood Bank Challenge. Bujutsu has partnered with the Australian Red Cross and formed Team Bujutsu with the Blood Bank. Every time the Blood Bank is in our area we will be asking you to attend and donate blood. We will provide you […]

Upcoming international training trips

Sensei Mark travels to other countries for training and cultural experiences at lease 3 times a year. All of his trips are open to his students, and he regularly takes students with him overseas for training.   The following trips have been scheduled.   10th of April 2020 – Tokyo and Okinawa training Japan Karate […]

Bujutsu Homeless Appeal 2020

Every year Bujutsu runs a Homeless Appeal.   Fact: Most homeless people are homeless not by choice, but because of mental illness.   Please help support our Homeless Appeal by donating non perishable foods and and toiletry items. All donated items will go directly to our local homeless.   We are taking donations right up […]

Sensei Mark Szalajko was first graded in 1987

Sensei Mark Szalajko first started training karate all the way back in 1987. He started training with the Japan Karate Association in his high school hall, Evans High School which is located in Blacktown in 1987. His first ever grade was 9th kyu in Japan Karate Association, and was awarded to him on the 26th of […]

FREE Ladies Only Self Defence Seminar

  FREE – Ladies Only Self Defence Seminar   Would you be able to defend yourself or a loved one?   Saturday the 27th of June 2020 12pm to 1.30pm Location: Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre Smeaton Grange H.Q.  21 Waler Street Smeaton Grange NSW 2567   RSVP by close of business: Monday 22nd […]

2020 Bujutsu Annual Presentation Day

This years annual Presentation Day will be held at our dojo.       Don’t miss out on this event. Bookings open 1st July 2020.   Sunday 13th of December 2020   Cost $23 per student. Family members are FREE.   We will be following the same format as last years presentation day. Our presentation […]