Additional Kids Martial Arts Classes

Bujutsu has just added even more kids martial arts classes to our program.

We are the largest martial arts school in the Macarthur Region and we offer the best packages to get you started.

With Bujutsu you can try a free lesson and receive a free uniform.


We currently run a massive 59 classes a week with 26 of those classes being kids martial arts classes.

Bujutsu runs the following types kids classes:

Karate for Toddlers

Kids Karate

Kids Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Kids BJJ


Bujutsu has just added and additional 4 new timeslots to it’s timetable including:

Tuesday 6pm Kids Karate

Tuesday 6.30pm Kids Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Wednesday 6pm Kids Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Wednesday 6.30pm Kids Karate

These four new timeslots commence on Tuesday the 4th June 2018.

You can check out our timetable at: