This is what our members have to say about Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre:

After much talk about our little dude Hayden wanting to start Karate at the age of 3, we were advised to check out Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.

After his first free lesson, there was no question he was ready to sign up. Everyone was very welcoming, patient, calm and made learning martial arts fun for both kids and toddlers. Hayden made friends very quickly and almost two years later still trains at Bujutsu in the kids karate program.

After watching Hayden, and seeing the fun, confident boy he was becoming, I decided I would sign up myself as well. Best decision I have made. Not only were the kids classes fun but the adults were as well. Kancho Mark and all the instructors, staff and students are very motivating, positive and push me to be the best I can be. I have learnt techniques to help defend myself and my family, made friends who I look up to like family, and I no longer have so much anxiety.

I am more confident and strong (both physically and mentally) because of it. On top of this I have been able to compete successfully placing in Karate tournaments, at both State and National levels. This is something that I never dreamed I’d be able to do, and a credit to the quality of training provided.

Now the entire family train at Bujutsu, with the two kids (2 and 4 years old) doing the Karate for Toddlers program and the Kids Karate program. My husband trains Muay Thai Kick Boxing and fitness classes. I train Karate and Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons). My husband and I also use the modern gym provided at the Centre.

We are all more healthy, happy and active as a result of joining. The Centre itself is a family friendly, clean, spacious and respectful dojo which I cannot recommend enough.

Nicole Stoddart
Nicole Stoddart

Blair our son has been attending Bujutsu Martial Arts Centre since February 2012 when he was 5 years old. He loves coming and training and will train 5 to 6 days per week 2 hours per day in Muay Thai, Karate and BJJ.

We find that Blair’s love and passion for Martial Arts has developed over the years with the support and encouragement he has received from Mark, Alice and their team of experienced instructors at Bujutsu. Blair looks up to all of them as role models and would like to be an instructor and a professional martial artist when he gets older.

Blair enjoys being part of the Bujutsu team he has made many friends and always feels comfortable, safe and happy when he is there it has a real sense of family and community.

Over the years Blair has competed with the Bujutsu tournament team at many ISKA competitions including the world cup where he has won world titles in Sumo and Sword combat. Blair is also the 2015 Australian Mauy Thai Gold medallist for his age and weight division.

Blair also travelled to Bangkok this year for the IFMA Youth World Championships (Mauy Thai) as part of the Australian team. Blair placed 3rd receiving a bronze medal in his age and weight division. Leading up to this event Blair’s training was intensified and Mark, Nathan, Liam and all the team at Bujutsu coached and trained Blair one on one ensure he had the best chance to compete.

Blair was also nominated by Mark for the Macarthur Chronicles Junior sports star of the week. Blair was humbled and thrilled that Mark felt he was worthy of the nomination.

My Husband John has also been training Mauy Thai and Karate for the past couple of years at Bujutsu. He enjoys training there especially with the state of the art fitness facilities It’s also been great for him to be able to train with Blair they learn new skills and love training together. It defiantly has a family atmosphere.

We are very happy with the facilities and service provided by Mark and Alice at Bujutsu Martial arts Centre and would be happy to recommend them to anyone interested joining a martial arts centre.

Kim Geraghty
Kim Geraghty

Bujutsu Gym – Great Experience !!

I have worked out and worked in many gyms over the past 40 years, but have finally found the gym that provides me with all the essential elements to keep me motivated in a safe, clean and friendly environment, that gym being Bujutsu.

The selection of Nautilus resistance equipment is suited to both beginner and advanced workouts and in my opinion is second to none.

The cardio equipment available is easy to use an provides for safe and challenging options.

As a foundation member I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with Bujutsu Gym.

Eddie Duffield
Eddie Duffield

In 2014 my husband and I spent a few months researching places around the Macarthur area for our daughter to start karate. I sent countless emails to different places asking questions about timetables, membership prices etc. Not once did places bother to reply to my emails within a reasonable time frame or offer for me to inspect their premises.
When I came across Bujutsu Martial Arts Centre and I read the comment on their webpage saying We guarantee an email response and/or a phone call answering your inquiry within 4 hours’ I was skeptical but they stood by their word and I heard back from Mark within an hour of sending my enquiry, attached with an information package outlining every bit of information possible as well as offering our daughter a free lesson.
We took our daughter down for a free lesson (age 4), walking into this centre was so welcoming with a real family friendly atmosphere and great culture. The decision was made, Bujutsu Martial Arts Centre was the one, we signed Olivia up that day and she became a member in May 2014.
Attending the centre weekly for kids karate we started to see the range of other programs in action, my husband then became a member in July 2014 doing BJJ.
In August I felt I needed to be in on all this action and became a fitness member, these classes are amazing. The personal trainers are fantastic and are on another level.
In 2015 our daughter started Muay Thai which is her favourite.

Hubby also attends the Muay Thai classes weekly.

I’ve known other places over the years where the instructors for the kids classes are still kids themselves, giving them no discipline and techniques that aren’t always correct.

This year Bujutsu moved to a larger premises, it has the wow factor. So much more room plus a new gym with state of the art equipment.

In September our daughter competed in her first tournament, seeing the difference in her skills from starting up to now is excellent. She loves competing and has a great attitude for winning and losing which is a reflection on Bujutsu and Kancho Mark. Aaron competed in his first tournament in October. I think it’s safe to say, first of many tournaments for these two.

Bujutsu is a fantastic facility accommodating for the whole family, awesome customer service, qualified instructors and a great timetable that has plenty of classes to choose from which helps with everyone’s busy lifestyles, you’ll always be able to fit something in. We couldn’t imagine training anywhere else.

The Stoddart Family

Stoddart Family
Stoddart Family

I am writing this letter to personally thank Mark, his family and the Bujutsu team for everything they have done for my son Zac.

Zac started training Karate at Bujutsu in January 2012 at the age of 8. Zac was very shy and quiet when he first started training. He wouldn’t talk to anyone. He wouldn’t even look anyone in the eye. He did not have any trust in anyone.

Zac trained consistently 2 nights a week for the next 2 years doing everything asked of him and passing all his gradings.

When I discussed some concerns I had about a Dr’s diagnosis on Zac, Mark was very concerned and his first words where, “what can myself and my family do to help”. That evening I received some personal messages from Mark with some ideas and thoughts on how he would like to help.

Zac now is a totally different person. He assists with instructing classes and has even instructed a class by himself.

Marks work ethic, drive and determination has had a huge impact on Zac who has taken on the same drive and determination.

Zac now is 13 and trains 4 or 5 days a week. He is also grading for his black belt this year.

Zac is very proud to be part of the Bujutsu family and team.

My family and I are extremely proud of the confident young man Zac has become and are extremely grateful for all the help and support and opportunities Mark and his family have given Zac. I have no doubt Zac is a much stronger, confident young man because of his involvement at Bujutsu.

I would highly recommend Bujutsu Martial Arts Centre to anyone that is looking for a family friendly, safe and personal centre with great staff.

Glen Carl
Glen Carl

To Whom It May Concern

We would like to relate our experiences with Bujutsu Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, Smeaton Grange. Hopefully enabling others to make a well-informed choice when selecting a martial arts school.

In 2015 our son experienced bullying at his school and while this was dealt with well by the school, led us to conclude that we needed to equip our children with skills that would make them less susceptible to this kind of behavior. It was also important that they not become the aggressor as well so we decided to explore martial arts due to the blending of martial skill and discipline that we felt it would deliver.

Upon visiting several schools in our local area it was interesting to note that only Bujutsu followed up on their promise to send more information and that occurred within minutes of our attendance at the school. This attention to the needs of the clients and students is something that we are pleased to note continues throughout the students time there. Questions are answered promptly and thoroughly, which as newcomers to martial arts is a great relief.

Once our children had commenced training at Bujutsu we made a decision to train ourselves as we needed to get back into shape and exercising with a point made more sense to us than running on a treadmill. The first steps onto the dojo floor were indeed daunting, but the staff and other students were quick to welcome us and guide us through our initial steps.

There is no point in glossing over the difficulties, there have been times where training has been hard, when techniques seemed impossible and it felt like strength was beyond our reach. That being said, the staff were again quick to notice when we were struggling and extra support is available for private tuition, which invariably helped, and still helps, clear our hurdles.

The staff at the school are clearly the source of the school’s success. Kancho Mark has demonstrated repeatedly a desire to place the wellbeing and development of the students above all other priorities. Beyond their obvious enthusiasm there is a clear and well-maintained sense of direction for the teaching. Individual instructors are encouraged to grow within their roles, which allows a broad range of teaching styles to be present at the one facility, something which is relatively rare. While great respect is given to tradition, there is also an awareness of the need to place the skills in a contemporary setting, which results in an interesting and well-delivered set of skills.

Since starting with Karate we have variously moved into other arts such as Ryukonkai Kobudo, Iaido, Jodo, Muay Thai and BJJ. Each of these arts delivers its own unique approach to budo and while it is never possible to learn everything, we feel that exposure to these varied systems is giving us a well defined sense of who we are as practitioners.
Through our branching into other arts we were able to attend the Ryukonkai headquarters in Okinawa with Kancho Mark. This represents one of the high points not only in our martial arts training but also in life so far. We were privileged to be able to train with the great minds in our art who proved to be among the most knowledgeable, approachable and urbane individuals we have ever met. Rather than occupy a lofty post they drew us into the family and shared their seemingly limitless love of life and kobudo with us. To have one of the greatest practitioners of martial arts in the world sit on a lounge with our children and chatting freely with them was proof to us that we had made the right decision. In one week with them we were shown the source of karate and kobudo and it only served to solidify our commitment to following this path.

Earlier this year we attended our first tournament. This was one of the most difficult steps so far as it involved taking ourselves well beyond the comfort of the dojo and placing ourselves in a position where we would be critiqued publicly. The support given to us was both sophisticated and subtle, with the decision to compete ultimately being ours but all necessary support in place to ensure we would not be lacking. Skill levels are regularly assessed and we have been consistently encouraged to step just a little further forward each time we compete.

We have since competed as regularly as our schedules allow with some fifty trophies and awards being won since May this year.  We have set our goals for next year with regards to tournaments and while we may not achieve them this is not actually the point. It is often said by Kancho Mark that real growth comes not just through learning the art, but by testing yourself as well.

With regards to our initial reasons for joining Bujutsu, our son has since grown in confidence and we are watching him compete with great results. Our young daughter has made friends and is learning life skills at every lesson beyond karate such as fire and personal safety.  As for ourselves, we are stronger than we thought possible just a year ago. We have found a way to develop ourselves that compliments our daily lives and has afforded opportunities to travel to places and meet people who were effectively legend to us before.

One thing that we have come to understand in the last year was something of a surprise to us initially, but on reflection made perfect sense. There is no end to what you can learn, attaining a black belt may be one of greatest honours one can achieve but it isn’t the end of the road by any means.  We are grateful to Kancho Mark for taking the time to create an environment in which people may engage to a level they are comfortable with, but are also effectively limitless.

Grant and Thao Hannaford
Grant and Thao Hannaford